E-Buddies 2018-19 - SHPE-SB Mentor Sign-Up
What is the E-Buddy Mentoring Program?
A program provided by members of SHPE-Santa Barbara to establish a strong relationship through e-mail, activities, workshops and socials. The main communication will be through e-mail where the student can easily address any questions s/he may have regarding her/his major, course work, or job hunting advice.

While E-buddies is a program centered on mentorship through email communication, we want to give all participants the opportunity to take a valuable experience and apply what they will learn in their academics and careers.

Like last year we would like to try a more natural approach, allowing the students and professionals to meet in person during a speed 'match' networking event. We hope this will create a connection between students and professionals and break the initial communication barrier. If both mentor and mentee from last year sign up again they can choose to pair up again.

We value your time and commitment to these students acting as a mentor. This year we are opting to meet as a group twice for this year's program. One for the speed 'match' networking session, and the second for a team building activity. You can meet with your Buddie(s) as much as you prefer especially when working on their resume.

For more information on SHPE–SB and its E-Buddy Program, please contact any of our E-buddies chairs:
Luis Garfias and Cecilia Cadenas at: Lmgarfias15@gmail.com and cadenas.ceci@gmail.com

“The greatest good you can do for another is not just to share your riches but to reveal to him/her his/her own.” — Benjamin Disraeli

DUE: Dec 3rd, 2018

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