APACC's Discord Server
With Student feedback and advice from people in the Pride Resource Center, APACC is ready to launch our Discord Server!

We hope this is an opportunity to allow folks across campus to have more opportunities to informally connect, play games like Among Us, and be in community. To join us on Discord fill out this application. Once completed, we will email you a invitation link to join our Server.

For any questions or concerns email: Kalyn.Bonn@Colostate.edu

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Community Guidelines
APACC is committed to creating space and opportunities to connect, this Discord server is an extension of that commitment. We will carry our Vision, Mission and Values to server and ask you follow community guidelines.
Our Vision, Mission and Values are as followed:

- APACC’s vision is to create an equitable world where students are affirmed and empowered in their identities
and actions.
- The Asian Pacific American Cultural Center works to make CSU a safe and supportive space for Native
Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Middle Eastern, Asian American (including Southeast Asian, Desi, adopted,
mixed race) students and other historically marginalized communities. The Center is focused on building
community, working to remove barriers and providing access to resources to support students in finding
fulfillment and success while at CSU and beyond.
- APACC operates on CSU’s Principle of Community which includes values of inclusion, integrity, respect,
service, and social justice.

Our moderators reserve the right to block users and delete content that
- is threatening harm to self or others, including race, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, nationality,
language, immigration status amongst other protected classes
- contains significant gore, sexual content, and violence
- spam

If you have questions, comments, or concerns about members following the community guidelines email: Kalyn.Bonn@Colostate.edu
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