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Please read this info carefully as this is the procedure that will be instituted for the 2018-2019 school year and beyond in hopes to streamline the process of attending PD events. Thank you!

PDP Premier is no longer utilized as a registration/tracking device for regular PD events. Please follow the instructions below.

Requesting attendance at an event should be done at least 3 weeks (15 school days) prior to the date of the event (earlier if possible). This will allow the process-approvals, registration, payment/PO-to be completed. Please see the note at the bottom of this form for instructions regarding in-house PD events (i.e., grade chair meetings, conference days, etc.)

1. FIRST: Please submit all requests via this Google Form only (do NOT enter in-house PD events such as grade chair meetings, conference days, etc. on this form).

2. SECOND: Please do not register for the event as you are not approved at this time UNLESS it is through My Learning Plan. If the event is through My Learning Plan, please self register and print off an ENROLLMENT form and submit it to your building principal to be signed, who will then send it to the district office. All other registrations will be completed later in the process (after administration approval).

3. THIRD: Once your request is approved by the appropriate administrators, you will be notified and asked to send any additional info needed to complete the registration (if necessary). If hotel/airline accommodations are required, it will be your responsibility to book those on your own, using your own funds, and be reimbursed at a later date.)

4. FOURTH: You will be notified after the registration process is complete via email. If you are unsure whether or not you are approved to attend a PD event, please contact Tera via email at treinhardt@oahornets.org or at extension 4209.

5. LAST: Once you are notified that your request was approved, please enter your absence in Aesop to secure a sub. Please use the reason "professional development" and enter in "notes to administrator" the title of the event you are attending.

Verification of your attendance, sharing at a faculty meeting, etc. will be required at your principal's discretion.

As always, if you have any questions, please ask your building principal or Tera.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we try to make this process as easy and painless for everyone!

*Note: This does not apply to Summer Curriculum work. Please follow the current procedure already in place.

**Note: In-house events such as faculty meetings, grade chair meetings, superintendent conference days, etc. will be tracked via sign in sheet or if you prefer, keep track of your own events via a Google doc so it can be updated. You will not need to enter them on this form, but you will need to share your list with me at the end of the school year.

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14. Do you require a substitute? (Please enter your absence in Aesop. Use the reason "professional development" and enter the title of the event under "administrator's comments".)
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17. Did you self register? (Please self register if the event is through My Learning Plan, print the enrollment form and have it signed by your building principal)
Please note: Requesting an event does not constitute registration. All requests must be final approved and, if necessary, official registration must occur before you can attend the event. If you attend an event without being properly registered and/or obtaining confirmation, you will not be reimbursed by the district. As always, if you have any questions, please ask your building principal or Tera.
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