Lawrence Online iPad/Chromebook Agreement and Use Form 2018-19
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1. Jeffco Mobile Device Checkout Agreement
Terms of Use

Students/parents/guardians must comply with the Jeffco Policies and Procedures at all times inside and outside the District. Any failure to comply may result in disciplinary action and the forfeiture of the student’s rights of possession of District property and computing resources. All devices and accessories must be returned in good condition to the school prior to the last calendar day of the school year, unless possession is terminated earlier by District officials or upon the student’s withdrawal from the school.


1. The student’s teacher or school’s administration should be contacted immediately if the property is damaged, lost or stolen.

2. A police report must be filed and a copy provided to your school in the case of theft, vandalism and other criminal acts.

3. The student or student’s family will be responsible for the repair/replacement cost if:

a. The damage is due to negligence or deliberate action.

b. The device is lost or stolen due to negligence or deliberate action.

c. The device is not returned to the District at the end of the school year.

Device Tracking and Monitoring

1. All mobile devices will have software installed to track them in the event of loss or theft. This software has the potential to track movement and usage both inside and outside the District

a. Tracking software will only be enabled in the event of loss or theft to the device or to assist in investigations pertaining to student safety.

2. All mobile devices leaving the District must include web-filtering software. This software is installed to ensure student safety.

a. Web filtering software will have the capability to track usage of the device both inside and outside the District.

b. Attempts to turn off or disable web filtering software is prohibited and will be considered a violation of this policy

General Device Guidelines

● Students have no expectation of privacy. The District may monitor any information stored or transmitted with the device.

● District owned mobile devices will be labeled with a district-approved label. This label must not be removed for any reason.

● Students must notify their teacher or school’s administration if the device is not functioning correctly.

● Files/documents may not be deleted by anyone other than the original creator/owner.

● Inappropriate content can not be stored, transmitted, or accessed on District devices

● Students must login with their assigned username and password.

● Students may not share their login information with other individuals.

● Each device is assigned to an individual student. Students should never “swap” or “share” their device with another student.

● Mobile devices must be turned in to District Staff for repair if they are not working properly. Please do not attempt to repair the device yourself. Any attempt at repairing the device by unauthorized personnel will result in the student being liable for the full replacement cost of the device.



● Students are responsible at all times for their device, whether at home or school.

● Students are responsible for bringing their device to school every day if the school decides to send them home.

● Students should not loan their device or any associated component to another student for any reason.

● Students are responsible for charging and maintaining the battery in their device daily.

● Students are responsible for reviewing and abiding by individual school and District policies.


● If devices go home, parents/guardians are responsible for monitoring their son or daughter’s use of the device while outside District locations.

● Parents/guardians are responsible for reviewing the Jeffco Acceptable Use Policy with their son or daughter.

Year End Procedure

At the end of the school year, students will return the device and all accessories to their school. Devices and accessories will be inventoried and inspected for damage. Students will be responsible for any missing parts.

Both Parent and Student must agree to these policies above. By clicking on the consent button below, acknowledge that I have read and discussed the Jeffco Mobile Device Checkout Agreement with my child and agree to its policies. This constitutes a digital signature. *
2. Repair and Replacement Fees
We understand that regular wear and tear will occur as students use their devices daily. We will only charge for repairs or replacement if they were caused by negligence or willful acts of destruction.


iPad 4: $250

iPad Air/ Air 2: $300

iPad 5/iPad 6: $325

iPad Repairs

Screen repairs: $120

Headphone jack: $65

Charging jack: $80

Metal Work: $80-$105

Accessory Replacement

Apple charger: $19

Apple cable: $19

Belkin charger: $12

Staples cable: $16

Otterbox case: $45


Dell Chromebook 11, 4 GB: $278

Lenovo N22/N23 4 GB $173.20

CTL J5 4 GB $258.50

Charger: $50

Screen repairs: $55-$85

Headphone jack: $80

Charging jack: $30

Key replacement: $20

Camera: $40

By clicking on the consent button below, I acknowledge that I have reviewed the fees above and agree to pay any fees if necessary. *
3. Jeffco Mobile Device Care Policies and Best Practices
You will be issued a mobile device, charger, and accessories. All are the property of Jeffco Public Schools. All mobile devices and accessories are on loan to the student and must be used in accordance with your school’s Acceptable Use of Internet Policy, District Policy JS, and any applicable laws. Each device will be inventoried with a label and tagged for tracking purposes.

Mobile Device Care & Maintenance

● Never leave the device unattended.

● Do not place food and/or liquids near the device.

● Never attempt to repair or reconfigure the device or any of the peripherals.

● Do not write, draw, stick or adhere anything to the device.

● Do not personalize the device using markers, stickers, etc

● Do not expose the device to direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, or ultraviolet light for

extended periods of time.

● Do not leave the device in any vehicle.

● Do not place anything on top of the device or lean on it.

● Do not touch the screen with anything (e.g. pens, pencils, etc.) other than your finger or a stylus.

● The device must be kept in the protective case if one is provided.

● District owned mobile devices must not be left in unsupervised areas.

● Students are responsible for ensuring work and content are adequately backed up.

Both Parent and Student must agree to these policies above. By clicking on the consent button below, acknowledge that I have read and discussed the Jeffco Mobile Device Checkout Agreement with my child and agree to its policies. This constitutes a digital signature. *
4. Jeffco Schools Student Pledge
1. I will take good care of my iPad/Chromebook.

2. I will not loan out my iPad/Chromebook to other individuals.

3. I will know where my iPad/Chromebook is at all times.

4. If the school decides to send it home, I will come to school with my iPad/Chromebook fully charged.

5. I will protect my iPad/Chromebook by always having it in the protective case/bag.

6. I will use my iPad/Chromebook in ways that are appropriate and meet school expectations.

7. I understand that my iPad/Chromebook is subject to inspection at any time without notice and remains the property of Jeffco Schools.

8. I will follow the policies outlined in the JS Acceptable Use Policy and the Take Home Policy while at school, as well as outside the school day.

9. I will notify my teacher immediately about any loss or damage to my iPad/Chromebook.

10. I will be responsible for all damage or loss caused intentionally or by neglect or abuse.

11. I agree to return the District iPad cover and iPad/Chromebook power cords in good working condition when requested by Jeffco.

12. I will not change the lock screen on my iPad (It will always be my picture).

13. I will not uninstall profiles or attempt to jailbreak the device.

14. I will not rename the iPad/Chromebook.

15. I will not do a factory reset of the device.

16. I will not stream unnecessary music or videos from my iPad/Chromebook while at school unless directed by a teacher.

17. I will install the applications that are requested by my teachers.

I agree to the stipulations set forth in the JS Acceptable Use Policy, Jeffco Schools Take Home Policy; and the Student Pledge for iPad Use and understand that my behavior could lead to the loss of the privilege to use the iPad/Chromebook.

Students who withdraw, are suspended or expelled, or terminate enrollment at the school for any other reason must return their individual school iPad/Chromebook on the date of termination.

I agree to the stipulations set forth in the JS Acceptable Use Policy, Jeffco Schools Take Home Policy; and the Student Pledge for iPad/Chromebook Use and understand that my child will be held acccountable to them. Entry in this field constitutes digital signature. *
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