Spring 2018 Summit Denali 9th Grade Study Trip Driver Volunteer Signup Form
This year the 9th grade is going on college tours CSU Monterey Bay and of UCSC. We're spending the night at the boys ad girls club on Santa Cruz. We will depart on Thursday 4/12 around 8:45am and return on Friday 4/13 at the end of the regular school day.

We plan on taking all 98 kids with us. Staff, as always, will transport themselves. If we need to we can put a few kids in staff cars, but it would be great to limit that as much as possible.

This trip is a little different from others in that we need drivers throughout the day on both days.

On Thursday, we need drivers from 8:30am (in Sunnyvale) until 9:00pm (in Santa Cruz) to drive students between Denali, CSU Monterey Bay, Point Lobos and the Boys and Girls Club in Santa Cruz, and the beach.

On Friday, drivers are needed by 8:30am at the Boys and Girls club in Santa Cruz, then at 2:30pm to drive back to Denali.

Parents are welcome to spend the night at the boys and girls club, but that is not required. The teachers will provide the overnight supervision. Some parents drive home for the night and return by 8:30am to drive the 2nd day and some find alternative accommodations.

Accommodations for parents:
If you plan to stay with the students at the Boys and Girls Club, it is free for parents. You just need to bring your own sleeping bag and pillow. I think everyone including students will need to pack their own lunch for Thursday.

There are many nearby motels. Carousel Beach Inn (http://www.yelp.com/biz/carousel-beach-inn-santa-cruz) in Santa Cruz which is directly across from the Boardwalk and only 5 minute drive away from where the kids are staying. Rio Vista Inn is a nicer motel and other options include Ocean Pacific Lodge. They are all 5 minutes away from the Boys and Girls Club where the students and teachers are staying.

Proposed/Tentative Itinerary for 9th Grade Denali Study Trip 2018:

April 12 2018

8:15 Meet in Mentor Groups @ Denali
8:30 Depart in carpools for CSUMB
10:00 Arrive at CSUMB
10:15 Tour of CSUMB
12:00 Lunch at CSUMB
12:30 Head to Point Lobos
1:00 Hike @ Point Lobos
3:00 Head to B & G Club of SC
4:30 Arrive in SC, Unpack and relax
5:30 Dinner
6:30 Load cars for Beach Bonfire
9:00 Return to BGCSC
10:00 Lights out

Day 2

7:00 Wake up
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 Load Cars and head to UCSC
9:00 Scavenger hunt at UCSC
11:30 Eat lunch
1:00 Tour of UCSC
2:30 Head back to Denali

Summit Denali requires that drivers fill out the driver forms. The volunteer driver forms can be found on the parent org website: https://summitdenaliparents.wordpress.com/tool-kit/forms/

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Drivers will depart Denali @ approx 8:30am. We have many stops on Thursday, so please confirm if you can stay for the whole day.
How many students (including your own) can you drive TO Monterey and then on to Santa Cruz? *
Every student must have a working seatbelt.
Can you drive to destinations on Friday and back to Denali FROM Santa Cruz on Friday 4/13? *
Drive to UCSC approx 8:30am, Depart from UCSC approx 2:30pm
How many students (including your own) can you drive back FROM UCSC? *
Every student must have a working seatbelt.
Are you planning to stay overnight? *
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