Art commission form!
Hello there c:
This simple form is to make commission process easier!

Current pricing and examples can be found in my FA commission page:

Please send some clear references along with a simple description of the pose/expression you want and (if you want) some quirk or something that defines your char

I can do extra chars but those are +50% the base price!

Keep your ideas PG-13 here, thankyou ♥

Feel free to PM me in Twitter or FA if you want easier followup! Make sure to have open DM's in either platform if anything.
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References: *
Flat colored images are best for color references. If you only have a description and not any image it will be extra (Ask)
Expression, pose or idea: *
(Works best if you just give a general idea, but you can also give a reference image, otherwise just PM).
Way to contact you: *
Please give me your handle of where you want to poke you, Twitter, FA notes and mail are preferred
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How you want me to refer you
Gallery with examples of current art, give it a go!
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