Call for Entry: Icons At Play
Curators: Manuela Jimenez and Kendra Pariseault

Deadline for all Applications:
September 1st, 2017 at 11:59 PM EST

Artists notified of acceptance:
September 7th, 2017

All work must be received by October 1st, 2017

Exhibition Dates:
October 7th - November 30th, 2017

Opening Reception:
October 7th, 2017

Gallery at Brooklyn Metal Works
640 Dean St.Floor 2
Brooklyn, NY 11238

Our objective is to showcase work that reinterprets cultural symbols and icons through the use of material, scale, wearability, and interaction. Our goal is to curate work that challenges and “plays” with the viewer’s understanding of what that symbol has come to represent. We are interested in icons and symbols that appear in the commercial jewelry world such as the bow, heart, snakes, crowns, keys and the faceted stone as well as in our everyday lives through emojis and other cultural symbols. We want to see these symbols interpreted from a different viewpoint, providing the viewer/wearer a new lense to interpret and experience icons; challenging the viewers preconditioned definition of what the icon represents.
Statement of Purpose
In jewelry we often interpret a thing or an idea and its relationship to the wearer. Almost every object we interact with has a specific relationship to the body, whether it is intimate or not, its function goes beyond ornamental. Therefore this relationship extends to each and every object that surrounds us. Our goal as jewelers is to show the viewer a new way to experience something we believe we are familiar with. With this exhibition we would like to explore how different artists interpret icons, symbols and motifs that are rooted in both the traditional jewelry field and cultural symbolism and showcase them in a new way through the use of alternative materials and in relationship to the human body. We would like to feature pieces that challenge the viewer’s preconceived notion of what a symbol means and their relationship to that symbol.
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