WinterCon VIII Photo Cosplay Contest
Thank you for applying for WinterCon VIII Photo Cosplay Contest! Please fill this form as detailed as possible and use comments section if you need to add other information. 
Submit only your application only one time. If you have photos from several photoshoots, please mention all in one answer. The same goes for models or photographers. 
In case of any questions or issues, please contact See you at WinterCon!
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We will tag you on the social media after the contest, in case you or your duo/group are selected as a winner/s.
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Countries in case model/s and photographer have different ones.
Character(s) and fandom(s) 
Please write them as: 1 Character from fandom A; 2 Character from fandom B, etc.)
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Fill this part if you are applying as an individual model or duo/group.  Please write them as: 1 Photographer A; 2 Photographer B, etc.).
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Fill this part if you are applying as a photographer.  Please write them as: 1 Model A; 2 Model B, 3 Models C, D, E, F, etc. (in case you have group photo).
Link to your photos
Please remember to adjust your sharing settings, to “anyone with the link can view”, so we can access your files. We also recommend submitting a link to a folder where you can put all your files together. Please use Google Drive,  Dropbox or other alternatives and make sure that access to your photos has longer period of time.
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