Stop Settling
Tuesday, April 24, 2018
Location: 2744 Sandhill Rd, Menlo Park

Do you feel like you're working endlessly to meet other's expectations and few of your own? In this session, attendees will dive deep into the Stop Settling mindset and method. Exploring their priorities and values, developing decision-making strategies, and beginning the work towards their "life-gems" and a new quality of life.

Stop Settling® is the indicator of a person's values and purpose, and is predictive of their whole, authentic life.

The “work-life” balance idea has plagued the modern world with its systematic, robotic drivel that has torn working professionals into different pieces as they try to be commanding and focused at work, playful and caring at home, and driven and outspoken in their communities. To separate yourself so drastically while attempting to “do it all” sacrifices who you are and how much you can do. Stop Settling is an intuitive, simple, and rapid approach for asking and answering the question necessary to maintain momentum within the unique edges of our defined whole. It offers a sustainable alternative to the “work-life” balance myth through a simple composite stratagem/domain charting that stops professionals from giving in and giving up on sustainable success in every part of their life. It is time to stop surviving and time to start thriving.

In this talk, attendees will dive deep into the Stop Settling mindset by learning about the method and exploring their priorities and values. They will gain an understanding of where they are settling unconsciously and figure out how to make conscious decisions to work towards and achieve their desired life-gem, and in turn, the quality of life they desire.

Dana Shaw

Dana has always left a legacy behind. When speaking, training, or developing senior leaders, she shares many stories, anecdotes, and methods stemming from her key accomplishments across a bevy of companies, products, and practices in order to impart actionable insights today that leaders will learn from well into tomorrow. Her products and practices were born from contrarian thinking, pushing the envelope, and a lifelong sense of strong advocacy. The most vital element that Dana brings to the table is the ability to see the unique light in others, getting to their core strengths and assets right away, and then helping them see it in themselves. Dana hopes to leave people and organizations with the feeling that they are better today because she was with them yesterday.

With that in mind, Dana recently pivoted from a long corporate career into full-time coaching and advising where she works with like-minded teams of Fortune, Staffing, Start-up, and Digital Media companies, while collaborating with thought leaders, innovators, and evangelists of all kinds, to up the ante towards the way we work and lead the voice of the new talent movement. Dana has also joined the Athena Alliance to help women take the next leap in their careers and aspirations to sit on boards of directors, where today, women are still the minority. She is also a member of Advisory Boards for Reboot Accel, Shiftgig, VNDLY, and LNQ Systems and was named one of Silicon Valley’s Women of Influence in 2015. With her 24 years of networking and career experience in the Talent Ecosystem, leading and working on behalf of small, medium, and F500 corporations, as well as non-profits, Dana has become a coveted speaker and expert on the Future of Work, Total Workforce Solutions, Human Capital Management, and The Gig Economy.

Dana has always felt that she makes the biggest impact when she is working with people and companies as they are imagining, defining, and inventing themselves. Through her company, Phoenix5, she aims to transform individuals and organizations holistically in an accelerated way with maximum return. With her StrataGEM® method, she quickly and simply identifies the core values and assets of leaders and teams and applies their greatest strengths with focus and clarity towards the mission and market. Dana initially founded Phoenix5 to help coach leaders of all kinds experience the wildly positive impact of having it all by being their all throughout every facet of life: Career, Generations (family), Circle (friendships), Society (community), and Vitality (health). She likens this new way of operating to an Authenticity-Based Human Operating System with many versions, upgrades, bug fixes, and patches. It’s a system that requires courage, conviction, and constant awareness, but it will serve you well each and every day.

What’s next for Dana? Growing from the mindset of Stop Settling®, Dana is developing her anti-sexual harassment training program, Confidence360. Confidence360 is an alternative to the 2D “check-the-box” type of trainings that do little to equip individuals with identifying and handling misconduct and harassment.

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