No-Solicitation Registry
The City of Salem has created a registry for residents and business that wish to not be visited by solicitors who are authorized to solicit for sales of goods and services in Salem. Please provide the information requested below to add your address to the registry. Persons who have been authorized to solicit in Salem will have access to the list of addresses at which they will not be allowed to solicit. A violation of the registry may cause revocation of a solicitor's permit. No other information other than addresses will be visible on the registry.

Please note, it is your responsibility to provide correct and accurate information about your address. If City staff find an error with your submission, it may be rejected and your information would not be added to the registry.

Your address may remain on the registry for up to five years unless you remove it from the list. After five years, you may
place your address back on the list.

Please note, this registry will apply only to persons who are required to obtain a permit to solicit. For more information on Salem's ordinance on soliciting, please see our ordinance here:
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