Curtis Classroom Parent Survey
This survey has been created to help (me) Mr. Curtis improve in my teaching skills. Please take a moment to honestly fill out the questions within the survey. Please do not include any parent or student names.
Does your child feel challenged in the classroom?
How much is your child learning in this class?
My child is learning nothing at all.
My child is learning more than expected.
Does your child understand that what they are learning now in school will help them in their future? (Do they see a connection between current learning and a use for the learning in the future?)
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How appropriate to you is the work pace in Mr. Curtis' classroom?
The pace is to slow.
The pace is to fast.
Is your child learning appropriate life skills in Mr. Curtis' classroom? (Math, Reading, Writing, and Social Skills)
Do you feel that there is an appropriate amount of teacher and home communication?
Do you feel that Mr. Curtis offers you many ways to be involved with your child's education?
Do you feel that Mr. Curtis treats your child with respect?
Does your child feel safe in Mr. Curtis' classroom?
Reading can be difficult and stressful for many children. Do you have any thoughts or suggestions on how Mr. Curtis can better work with you, so that together we can improve your child's reading skills?
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Does Mr. Curtis keep you informed on your child's progress?
Do you have any suggestions on how Mr. Curtis can improve in his teaching?
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