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On January 22 and 23 the Spanish National URBACT Point (NUP) will organize their National Infoday in Madrid. This event will be focused on the new URBACT Action Planning Network (APN) call that will be launched on January 7th. It will be focused on two main objectives:

1) Explaining all the details of the APN Call and the benefits of being part of the URBACT programme and networks
2) Providing cities the opportunity to do networking and having space and time to start working together in proposals

The Infoday will have a very practical purposes, and will be the perfect opportunity for cities in Europe to have a kick-off session to establish partnerships and generate together a first idea or proposal for the call.

All the european cities are welcomed as well as well as the NUP

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BEFORE YOU GO... CHECK http://bit.ly/URBACTformAPN2019
Which topics is your city interested in for the next URBACT APN Call?

URBACT will launch a new Action Planning Network (APN) call next january 7th 2019. In order to facilitate the creation of potential partnerships & networks, we would like to know which topic(s) or idea(s) you city is working or would like to work in the framework of this new call.

For that purpose we launched a simple questionnaire, available the following link: http://bit.ly/URBACTformAPN2019

We ask all the cities to fulfill this form in order to ease us a previous matching for the Infoday. We will share the results with the NUPs and cities before the Infoday so a previous networking could be done.

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