Medlock Fall Festival & Haunted Trail Volunteers
The Haunted Trail takes place at Clyde Shepherd Nature Preserve on Oct. 26. We need volunteers to help in the weeks and days leading up, day of, and next day for clean up. Let us know how you'd like to be involved!
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Please check the boxes for ALL jobs you would be willing to do! If you have a strong preference, please indicate at the bottom of the form in the comments section. Thanks!
I just want to help! Assign me any task in the realm of:
Prep-Work (the week and days before the event)
Publicity, Volunteer Support & Trail Decor
Trail lighting Clerk
Set Up (Prior to Event Day - mostly October 19 10am)
Event Day! (Saturday October 26)
Event day - set up (10:AM – 3:PM)
Event day - during event (4:30PM - 9:PM)
Performance related
After Event (Sunday, October 27)
Clean up and tear down (Sunday, 10:AM – 2:PM)
Comments? Strong preferences? Ideas? Leave them in the comment box below.
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