Volunteering at your child's school can be a highly rewarding experience. By becoming a volunteer at St. Charles Catholic School, you will be able to help make an impact on not just your child's life but on the lives of other students as well. When students see parents or other adult volunteers, they know that members of their community value education and support their school. Students benefit from interaction with a diverse group of adults, including adults of various ages, genders, and ethnicities, and adults with a variety of skills and knowledge to share.

We rely on volunteers for so many activities at the school. To that end, all SCCS families are required to contribute 20 volunteer hours.

Please submit the following form as soon as possible to inform us of your interests in different volunteer opportunities, or to let us know if you are going to opt-out of the volunteer hours.

All families are REQUIRED to submit a $400 cheque, payable to SCCS, and dated June 1, 2017. This is a bond cheque. It will not be cashed if the family completes the 20 VIP hours (or donates gifts with equivalent value). Cheques should be submitted on September 1 at the chocolate/uniform pick-up. This year, recording your VIP hours will be done electronically with a fillable, on-line form. The link to this will be on the school webpage.

If you choose to opt-out of the VIP hours, we require a cheque for $400 dated September 1, 2016.

Your Name
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Your Contact Information (Phone or email)
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Last name of SCCS child/children (if different from your own)
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Volunteer or Opt-Out
Volunteer Interests
Your name and contact information will be provided to the coordinators for the various events. Time commitments for these activities varies. Coordinators can discuss your availability and the time commitments in more detail when they contact you.

Note that checking the boxes below does not commit you to volunteering - it merely provides us with a more directed contact list for each event/activity.

Interests (choose as many as you would like!)
Special Skills
We at St. Charles often rely on parents for their hand-on expertise and their knowledge. Over the past year, parents have been kind enough to advise the board on topics such as electrical systems, heating, marketing and video production. If you have skills in the following areas, please let us know.
Thank You!
Please remember to record your VIP hours! If you are finding it difficult to find opportunities that fit your schedule, please contact us at and we will do our best to help.
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