Blog Post Check-in
Pick your most recently published blog post and use it to answer the following questions
Copy and Paste the URL of the blog post you are evalutating. *
Does the Post have a thoughtful title? *
References the content of the post through a quote, an idea, or an other part of the text.
Does the body text of the post uses standard conversational English with common grammatical syntax? *
Does the post use paragraphs? *
Does the post reference sources of materials used to create content or comment on content? *
Does the post include links to references or other appropriate sites? *
Are images/video embedded in the post? *
Is embedded media properly formated? *
Aspect ratio is correct, GIFs are animating in the post, re-sized image to meet post width
Are media items embedded in places of the post that reference the written text? *
Think of this as choosing how to layout images, the designing of the post.
Are keyword 'tags' used? *
These are the 'meta data' you can add to a post
What do you think you need to spend more time doing when writing posts? *
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