A Level Fine Art, Photography, Product Design & Textiles Student Voice
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1a. Do you enjoy your lessons?
1b. How could they be improved?
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2. How do you feel you are coping with the subject?
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3a. My target grade is:
3b. I am working:
3c. Why do you think that is?
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4a. Do you think you are making good progress?
4b. If not, why?
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5a. Do you understand the lessons?
5b. If not, how can we make it clearer?
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6. Do you feel happy with the level of teacher feedback given?
7. What form of feedback do you prefer and why? (verbal, assessment sheets, post-it-notes)
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8. Does feedback given enable you to improve your coursework?
9. What do you feel you need to improve on?
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10. Are you aware of how to improve?
11a. Do you make the most of your free lessons and use the art department?
11b. If not, why?
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12. Do you have any suggestions for improving delivery of your coursework in lessons?
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