Vision 16 Residency Application

Please fill out each part of this application form in the sections below. There are four sections to this application. They are:
1. Personal Information
2. Question Responses
3. Additional Steps
4. Confirmation & Submission

For the Question Responses section, we recommend you answer the questions in a separate program (Word, Pages, Google Docs) and then paste your responses into this form when you are ready to submit.

Before you submit, you must complete the steps listed in the Additional Steps section.

After completing each step, make sure you hit "Submit" on the next page to save and submit your answers to us, otherwise they will not be saved. Upon submitting, you will be sent a receipt of your submission to the email address you provide directly below.

Once we have reviewed your completed application, Vision 16 will contact you to set up an interview, which is the final part of the application process.

Please note Vision 16 will not review your application until you have completed each section of this application and the steps within.

For more information on the entire Vision 16 Residency Application process, visit For questions about this process, email

Thank you applying to live in Vision 16. We look forward to reviewing your application!

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Personal Information
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Question Responses
For this section, we recommend you answer the questions in a separate program (Word, Pages, Google Docs) and then paste your responses into this form when you are ready to submit.
1. How did you hear about Vision 16? *
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2. Why do you want to live in Vision 16? *
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3. What do you see as the purpose of living in community, and what are the upsides and drawbacks of community living? *
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4. Conflicts are bound to arise while living in community. How do you handle conflict? *
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5. The Vision 16 houses are based on the life and teachings of Jesus. What excites you about this? What are your hesitations about this? *
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6. What does servant leadership mean to you? How are you currently serving? *
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7. What do you enjoy doing in your free time? *
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8. What is something you are passionate about and how do you see that being a part of your future? *
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9. Anything else you'd like us to know? *
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Additional Steps
Follow these additional steps before you submit your application. Your application submission will not be complete without the completion of these steps.

With each box you check, you certify you have completed that step in the application process.

1. Application fee *
Pay the non-refundable $50* application fee on the application home page: (*online transaction fee applies. If accepted into Vision 16, this $50 will go toward the first rent payment.)
2. Letters of recommendation *
Have two references each submit a letter of recommendation by going to One reference should be a pastor, youth leader, or other spiritual authority figure, and one another adult who preferably holds a position of authority (teacher, employer, community leader). You do not need to have them submitted to complete this web application yourself, but they should be sent shortly afterward.
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