Glatfelter Gazette Work/Piece Submission Form
Please fill out this form if you are interested in getting your work or piece to be considered getting published on the journal website. Please remember that not every submissions will get updates nor move into the editing process. The review process for submissions will be competitive.

Requirement for work/piece submissions:
- Must be a current-event analysis, focusing on one field (American Gov., Comparative Politics, IR, or Political Theory).
- Your analysis shall not exceed 750 words.
- If you intend to add photos/pictures/images to your analysis, please make sure and check that you are allowed/permitted to use them, and provide credits when necessary.
- You may use/utilize academic sources, such as peer-reviewed journals or articles. Please make sure to cite them if you decide to do so.
- You may co-author an analysis with someone. Only one author would need submit the form, and must provide the names and email addresses of other authors involved in writing the analysis.
- Any pieces or work that contain political partisanships will not be accepted, as this journal is representative of Gettysburg College’s Department of Political Science.
- Any sources that you use must be cited in a hyperlink citation format. Please feel free to check out this article for more information on how to do this on Google Doc:
- Please include a brief 'about me' section at the end of your analysis (your major(s)/minor(s), 'Class of _(year)_', your involvement in clubs, etc.)
- Include your name (and names of other authors involved in writing the analysis, if applicable) at the top of your analysis. Please use the following format: "by __(Name(s))__"
- Please submit your article in a Google Doc.
- By submitting this form, you are acknowledging and abiding the Gettysburg College's Honor Code.

If/Once your work has been APPROVED, please follow these steps:
1. Make an account on the journal website. To do this, go to the journal homepage, click “Log In / Register” (which should lead you to a log-in page), then click “Register”. Please make sure that you are using your Gettysburg College email address.
2. Submit your finalized work through the journal website.* To do this, log in to your account on the journal website, click “Posts”, then click “Add New”. Then, paste your article in (please double check to make sure that the article is formatted/entered properly). click “Publish”, then click “Submit for Review”.
*if an analysis is co-authored, only one person would need to do this process.

Please provide a pitch for your current-event analysis in this form in 200 words or less, in order for your work to be considered.
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