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In light of the Peoria CEO Council’s offer of $400,000 to pay for the appraisal and due diligence of Peoria’s water system we urge the City of Peoria to accept the funds and conduct the appraisal in a transparent and accountable manner so that the tax payers of Peoria may have accurate information of the possibility to purchase the water system servicing the municipality from Illinois American Water.

The following are just some of many reasons we support due diligence:

1. For the sake of future generations, we need to have local control of our water. We are concerned that Illinois American Water's out of state owners could sell our water and drain down our water supply. We also need to remove them from our political process. Since the City of Peoria has the right to consider buying the water system every 5 years, Illinois American Water is very heavily involved in donating big money to local candidates to ensure Illinois American Water's control over our water system.

2. We have no idea what is in our water, the condition of our water infrastructure, what kind of water conservation is happening with Illinois American Water. They are a private company and are not legally obligated to be transparent. With public control of our water system, we as citizens would be allowed to know what is in our water, the condition of our water infrastructure, and whether or not we are making a good attempt at water conservation.

3. 85% of Americans are served by a publicly owned water system and almost all of them have lower rates than Peoria. Illinois American Water’s last rate increase hit low volume customers harder than others. That is unfair to senior citizens and poor people. Under public ownership, the City Council could protect consumers against these hidden taxes included in high rate increases.

4. We no longer want to send millions of dollars to Illinois American Water's New Jersey corporate owners and stockholders. That revenue should stay in Peoria to help Peorians.

5. The objectives of a private water company can and do conflict with the public interest. Illinois American Water's ultimate goal is to increase company sales and deliver profit to shareholders in New Jersey rather than to ensure quality service for consumers. Privately owned water systems provide poorer quality water as evidenced by an uptick in Clean Water Act violations. From 2009 to 2011, privately owned systems experienced 58% more violations per plant in Illinois.
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