Great Lakes Bioneers Detroit Conference - Call for Proposals
Bioneers Resilient Communities Network
October 27-29, 2017
Marygrove College, Detroit, MI

SEEKING PROPOSALS for Youth Learnshops, Adult Learnshops, and Tours


At the first 2017 Local Program planning meeting the committee reflected on the GLBD vision statement and the intentions for the Conference. We considered; what are we experiencing and feeling since the election of President Trump, what are the assets and challenges of our Detroit community and Southeast Michigan, and what is important to learn, share and celebrate at this 2017 conference. We noted that 2017 is the fiftieth anniversary of the Detroit summer rebellion, an important context to keep in mind.
The committee also read and reflected on an excerpt from The Revolution Where You Live by Sarah Van Gelder. In the chapter titled, We the People Love This Place, she shares how people are building power through place-based resistance and creativity. Detroit is one of the cities featured in the book which details her 1200 mile journey through a new America. After several conversations and reviewing the feedback from the 2016 GLBD conference the Local Program Committee decided the five characteristics Sarah identifies as common to communities building power would be a fine framework for the 2017 GLBD Conference Learnshops and Tours.
FOCUS: WE the PEOPLE LOVE THIS PLACE – Detroit, Southeast Michigan, Earth

INTENTION: Engage participants in a learning experience that invites all to explore topics, develop skills and act to build local power.

CONTENT: Learnshops and Tours need to address one or more of the following five characteristics Van Gelder identifies as common to successful strategies that energize people and result in real change. They

1) Build bridges among people who have been separated.
2) Reconnect to their ecological home.
3) Rebuild the economy.
4) Reclaim power.
5) Carve out spaces for healing, creativity, and spirit.

It is in this context and spirit that the Local Program Committee seeks Learnshop and Tour proposals for the 2017 conference. The committee plans to offer 6 Tours and 8 Youth Learnshops Friday and 20 Adult Learnshops, 5 Saturday morning and afternoon and 5 Sunday morning and afternoon.
Learnshops and tours engage participants and contribute to the focus and intention of the conference.
In gratitude for your participation we offer presenters complimentary registration and lunch. For those beyond a commuting distance, we will provide travel reimbursements and housing as possible.
Please take time to reflect on the above before writing your proposal.

PROPOSALS DUE by Wednesday, MAY 24

You will receive a proposal confirmation by June 14.

Questions: contact Paula Cathcart 313 -717 – 6724 or

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