Nerd night team survey
We’re doing a survey amongst Nerds to gather feedback on what people really think… What works well, what sucks, what could be better. The idea is we focus on how to make existing processes better, not blaming other people.
Your name *
When did you join the Nerd night team? Approx is fine *
Taking a video of everyone's nerd night & uploading it using a handheld smartphone should take around 40 mins/month, what are your thoughts on it being done? *
What can we do so that info on upcoming speakers can be circulated to the team early? *
What do you not like about the task forces sheet? *
What are your thoughts on a Nerd night website? *
What is a reasonable number of hours that someone should devote to Nerd night per month (outside of hosting & attending)? *
What is a reasonable number of hours that someone should devote to hosting Nerd night when they host (outside of attending)? *
Do you want to do more or less hours for Nerd night? *
What about assigning one host to do all the work (and it’s his/her responsibility to assign tasks to the other host?) Avoids the “turd between two stools” where both hosts assume the other is gonna do it *
Should there be one person in charge of the facebook page? - Posting events, photos, content, portraits and answering messages (lineup update still done by hosts) *
Do you think we should have tee-shirts, mugs or NN glasses? *
Select top 2 factors that make the best speakers *
Select top 2 factors that make the worse speakers *
What is exactly should our marketing strategy be (seems like we have less and less responses on facebook) . Should mailchimp be alive again? *
Rank these goals in terms of priority (1 highest) *
1 - most important
5 - least important
Building a NN website
Upgrading the task forces sheet
More social media presence
Video-ing speaker talks
Getting better at recruiting speakers
People plugging their talk keeps coming up, a last slide billboard for "come to my event" should be unacceptable. *
Allow them to pitch - My fave hobby is watching the home shopping channel anyway,
Ban promotion apart from in the Q&A
Nerd Night is open to all speakers but should we redirect to another date speakers who have a similar topics on the same night ( I refer to last time 2 guys talking about their life story) Should we discourage any types of presentations? *
What things would encourage people to sign up the “Nerd night package”? *
What prevents you from successfully recruiting speakers? *
What are the blocks that prevent people from signing up? *
What could nerd night do to be better? *
What does nerd night do badly? *
What motivates you to participate actively in nerd night crew? *
What is the most frustrating thing about being on nerd night crew? *
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