Access 2019 Hackfest Ideas
Contributed ideas for Hackfest projects: building, learning, documenting, whatevering. Hackfest is on Wed. Oct. 2 2019 in the Digital Scholarship Centre on the 2nd floor of Cameron Library, and kicks off at 9:00. See .

Please describe the idea so people can decide whether they'd like to get involved. Feel free to submit multiple ideas, including ideas that you don't intend to work on yourself on the day. Maybe others will pick them up and run with them.

If you would like to be the person around whom a group forms, provide your name (and if you wish, add some means of contacting you - email, twitter handle, etc. etc.) so that we can point you out during the kickoff and people can find you. This doesn't mean you have to be the leader or have a map and a plan, just that you'd like to work on this idea and you want people to join you.

Ideas can be added right up to Hackfest day. All submitted ideas can be viewed and commented on here:
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