2016 SBQ Coach Survey
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How many seasons have you been coaching? *
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Were you a Bible Quizzer? If so, how long did you quiz? *
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Does your church have a Junior Bible Quizzing program?
How many young people started the quiz season? *
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How many young people finished? *
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Did all of the quizzers learn all their verses?
When did you start promoting this quiz season? *
What materials did you use to promote Senior Bible Quizzing? *
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Do you feel like you had enough materials to effectively promote Bible Quizzing at your church? *
Did you use any of the sites listed below to promote quizzing at your church? (Check all that apply) *
Did you set a requirement for your quizzers for tournaments? *
Are you willing to be contacted via e-mail for future surveys, questions, or opinions in order to help the Senior Bible Quizzing Promotions Team gather information and grow the Bible Quizzing ministry? *
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