This is now wait list only as of 6:00p June 10th.
Please fill out the form below to join our, often utilized, wait list.
** DON'T FORGET: to be eligible to participate in League, you must be a dues-paying member for the 2018 year before you can finalize registration - no exceptions!
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Game Play: 7v7, 6 + a keeper, sub on the fly, no off-sides
7v7, 6 + a keeper, sub on the fly, no off-sides, regular FIFA rules apply
8 Teams of 11 players
Game Location: Chelsea Waterside 23rd/11th
Game Times: 7:00p - 7:45p, 7:45p - 8:30p, 8:30p - 9:15p, 9:15p - 10:00p
** depending on 6-8 teams (you'll play one of these weekly)
Game Length: 2 x 20 min halves with 2:00 half time

Season Schedule
6/25 - W1 regular season
7/2 - W2 regular season (week of July 4th)
7/9 - W3 regular season
7/16 - W4 regular season
7/23 - W5 regular season
7/30 - W6 regular season
8/6 - W7 regular season
8/13 - Semi-finals
8/20 - Finals
8/27 - weather/postponement date (make sure you are available!)

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Missing Games? LEAGUE PLAYER ATTENDANCE POLICY: Players who register for league are required to attend at least half the games to be eligible to play in the following season.This means that if you miss 4 or more games of an 8 game League season, you will be unable to register for following season League. Exceptions to this rule will be made for extreme circumstances, including work and injury. *
Semis & Finals (it's important Captains know if you will be here for these important games. Please check any and all games you anticipate missing) *
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