2019 Bridgman Softball Registration
Please complete the registration form. Your responses will be recorded and added to the list of applicants for 2019. The applicant IS NOT considered registered until payment has been received.
This year you can edit your response up until the end of registration.
You will also receive an email of your form along with a link to edit your selections.
Deadline for registration with payment is due by February 28.
Registration will close February 28, NO EXCEPTIONS.
Registration fees: (please continue to next step for hardship reduction; NO PLAYER LEFT BEHIND!)
One player = $60
Two players = $90
Three or more players = $110
Payments can be mailed in or dropped off at our Registration events. Online payment is not an option this year.
February 16 10 am - 1 pm
February 23 10am - 1 pm
Additional details including registration events, mailing address, and key dates will show again when form has been submitted.
Please make check out to BSA and mail payment to:
P.O. BOX 903
Bridgman, MI 49106

The first step is to add your email. This is for the edit capabilities after you submitted the form (link will be provided in the email). You will also be required to add a primary email address later in the form which will be used for communication. It may be a duplication but they will be used for different purposes in the results.

Any issues with the form, please contact:
Russ Jones - Treasurer, Webmaster, Registration and Tournament Director
Email bridgmansoftball@gmail.com
Phone 269.876.1014

Email address *
Registration Requirement Agreement
Acceptance below signifies your electronic signature which indicates parent / guardian of registered child has read and understands the registration requirements. (form will not be submitted until player information is provided in the next step)

Registration form will advance to the BSA Contact page if the agreement is not accepted.

Registration Requirement Agreement *
I confirm that the information provided on this form is accurate. I understand that the players registered on this form are not considered registered until payment has been received. Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Request for pairing of players on a specific team will not be allowed. Applicants can make travel arrangements, if necessary, after the teams are established. Parent or guardian will be required to work the concession stand at a home event once per child registered. Coaches reserve the right to ask spectators to leave the field for unsportsmanlike conduct. CODE OF CONDUCT FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS,COACHES, PARENTS, AND SPECTATORS: Before a participant is allowed to begin practice or competition she and a parent or guardian is required to read the code of conduct. In addition to following the rules which apply to each age group, all participants, coaches, parent(s), and spectators are expected to follow this Code of Conduct. The following actions may result in a verbal or written warning, suspension from participation, or expulsion from the softball program: 1. Cursing or inappropriate language. 2. Fighting or threatening. 3. Arguing with coaches or game officials. 4. Harassing, criticizing, or making fun of others. 5. Verbal or physical abuse. 6. Throwing equipment or other items to express anger. All participants are expected to be on time for games in their complete uniform and required equipment. Participants that are signed up for softball are expected to participate in scheduled games and practices.
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