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*If you have any questions before submitting, please email // Tel: 0207 284 5940*

Where possible, sessions will be conducted by an SNS staff member in person, with an Israeli and a Palestinian speaker joining via video call. We will let you know in advance if it is possible to bring live speakers.

The Solutions Not Sides Youth Education Programme is broken down into three parts: Exploration, Empathy and Empowerment. Teachers must confirm they are able to run all the sessions for their students that they book, and that any necessary homework will be set.

We strongly recommend teachers opt for all three parts and optional extension sessions, either with students over one year or multiple years,  in order to get the full benefit of all three educational elements that we are offering.

The educational elements which Solutions Not Sides workshops provide are:
Humanising encounters
Diverse narratives
Critical-thinking skills

Learning about historical narratives (can be done as homework or as a teacher-led preparatory session); 1 hour
Session on the historical narratives using our film 'The Beginner's Guide to Israel-Palestine'. All materials and guidance provided by SNS.

Learning about conflict resolution (teacher-led preparatory session); 1 hour
Session run by school teacher introducing the conflict resolution principle of the iceberg using the new film developed in conjunction with The Parents Circle, materials on understanding the experiences of Palestinians and Israelis and their needs, and introduction to the concept of one and two-state solutions.

Live classroom session with Israeli and Palestinian speakers and an SNS facilitator; 1 hour
Session run by an SNS facilitator and the Palestinian and Israeli speakers online or live focused on answering student questions and having a solutions-focused discussion around pros and cons of one and two state solution, plus other ideas for solutions. Facilitator to lead a 10-minute debrief time during the last section of the session

Student projects are an exciting way for students to develop their understanding around one of the following topics- Refugees, Religion, Nationalism, Negotiations, Activism in the UK, Emotions and Conflict, and Media and Critical Thinking. Students are provided with resources to be able to create a class project on their topic either in lesson or as homework; 1 hour

These sessions will ideally be run over two to three consecutive weeks, we can help you to schedule these and are flexible for booking sessions. It is vital that a teacher is present in all of the sessions for safeguarding and behaviour management. Sessions are ideal for groups of 30 students, however we can work with more. We can use Zoom, MSTeams, or Googlemeet for virtual components. In these cases, we will require your classroom to be set up with projector, computer, camera, mic and sound in order to use video call. To enhance the quality of the dialogue between the students and the speakers, cameras and microphones need to be turned on.

There is a cost to the sessions, to cover the costs of staff, transport, and resources. However, if your school demonstrates a significant need for the programme, in order to respond to issues within the school, we may be able to run the sessions for free. More information is below.

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