LAUSD - Responsible Use Policy (RUP) for District Computer Systems
The purpose of the District’s Responsible Use Policy (“RUP”) is to prevent unauthorized access and other unlawful activities by users online, prevent unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, sensitive information, and to comply with legislation including, but not limited to, the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), and the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA). Furthermore, the RUP clarifies the educational purpose of District technology. As used in this policy, “user” includes anyone using computers, Internet, email, and all other forms of electronic communication or equipment provided by the District (the “network”) regardless of the physical location of the user. The RUP applies even when District-provided equipment (laptops, tablets, etc.) is used off District property. Additionally, the RUP applies when non-District devices access the District network or sensitive information.

The District uses technology protection measures to block or filter access, as much as reasonably possible, to visual and written depictions that are obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors over the network. The District can and will monitor users' online activities and access, review, copy, and store or delete any communications or files and share them with adults as necessary. Users should have no expectation of privacy regarding their use of District equipment, network, and/or Internet access or files, including email. Users understand that the District has the right to take back possession of District equipment at any time.

The District will take all necessary measures to secure the network against potential cyber security threats. This may include blocking access to District applications, including, but not limited to, email, data management and reporting tools, and other web applications outside the United States and Canada.
Student Responsibility
By Checking in each box and signing this policy, you acknowledge that you understand the following:
I am responsible for practicing positive digital citizenship. *
I am responsible for keeping personal information private. *
I am responsible for my passwords and my actions on District accounts. *
I am responsible for my verbal, written, and artistic expression. *
I am responsible for treating others with respect and dignity. *
I am responsible for accessing only educational content when using District technology. *
I am responsible for respecting and maintaining the security of District electronic resources and networks. *
I am responsible for taking all reasonable care when handling District equipment. *
I am responsible for respecting the works of others. *
Consequences for Irresponsible Use
Misuse of District devices and networks may result in restricted access. Failure to uphold the responsibilities listed above is misuse. Such misuse may also lead to disciplinary and/or legal action against students, including suspension, expulsion, or criminal prosecution by government authorities. The District will attempt to tailor any disciplinary action to the specific issues related to each violation. (For more information, see BUL-6399.1, Social Media Policy for Students.)

The District makes no guarantees about the quality of the services provided and is not liable for any claims, losses, damages, costs, or other obligations arising from use of the network or District accounts. Users are responsible for any charges incurred while using District devices and/or the network. The District also denies any liability for the accuracy or quality of the information obtained through user access. Any statement accessible online is understood to be the author's individual point of view and not that of the District, its affiliates, or employees. Students under the age of 18 should only access District network accounts outside of school if a parent or legal guardian supervises their usage at all times. The student’s parent or guardian is responsible for monitoring the minor’s use outside of school and for ensuring that the student abides by the Responsible Use Policy when using District equipment or the District network.

All users are responsible for practicing positive digital citizenship. Positive digital citizenship includes appropriate behavior and contributions on websites, social media, discussion boards, media sharing sites and all other electronic communications, including new technology. It is important to be honest in all digital communications without disclosing sensitive personal information. What District community members do and post online must not disrupt school activities or otherwise compromise individual and school community safety and security.

Read and initial each section above and sign below. Be sure to review each section with a parent or guardian and get their signature below. Return to your teacher or other designated school site personnel.

I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the provisions of the Responsible Use Policy of the Los Angeles Unified School District.
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