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Interested in having your own solo art show at The Artist Lodge? Please fill out the form below. This form is not a contract or an acceptance. The Artist Lodge will be using these applications to select artists that wish to have their own solo show at one of our Artist Lodge events. Please carefully read through the following information before applying.

Please note that regular featured artists will not be implemented until the year 2020.

- The Boys and Girls Club of Stanton
11050 Cedar St, Stanton, CA 90680

- Marissa Suto, marissa@theartistlodge.com
- In the event that you are accepted as a Featured Artist, you will receive Marissa's phone number

- All featured artist spots are juried, and the Artist Lodge team will review every application. Please make sure that all portfolio and website links are up to date. Applications will broken links or no website/portfolio will automatically be rejected from the show.
- If you are accepted as a featured artist, you will be directly emailed by Marissa Suto or an Artist Lodge team member to notify you of your acceptance. Our goal is to email everybody at the beginning of the year so that they have as much time as possible to put together their solo galleries.
- If you are selected as a featured artist, you will have 5 business days from your acceptance email to make your payment. All payments will be made via a Square invoice that will be emailed to you. If you miss your deadline, your invoice will be canceled. If you still wish to participate and your spot has not been filled, you will be sent a new invoice with a $10 late fee added to it. You will then have an additional 5 business days to pay your invoice. If you miss that deadline, your invoice will be canceled and your acceptance will be rescinded.

- One night only on the date of the corresponding Artist Lodge event, 5-9pm

- We attract a wide demographic, with the majority being 20+ year old artists with their families and friends.

- The fee participate as a Featured Artist at The Artist Lodge is $75. This covers the set up and use of our gallery walls, a 6x12' booth space (not including the walls) against the wall in the vendor room, and promotion on all our social media platforms. As a featured artist you will also have an extra three hours to set up your booth and gallery before other vendors arrive.

- The $75 is non-refundable. Please make sure you can commit enough time to create work for the event and that you’re able to attend in person and run your booth.

- This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT. We will NOT be accepting artwork including graphic or crude imagery, or nudity.
- Please make sure that all submitted artwork is YOUR OWN. We will not be accepting artwork that is a direct replication of another's creators characters or art. If you choose to create Fan Art please make sure it is created by you in your own style and is not a direct replication of another creator's characters or art. We also will not be accepting artwork that has been stolen from another creator. If we discover that you have stolen or directly replicated another artist's, you will not be allowed to participate in the show and you will be blacklisted from participating in any future Artist Lodge event.
- The Artist Lodge reserves the right to ask you to remove any artwork that we feel does not work within our featured artist policies.

- You're welcome to decide the title of your show, how much art you include, what size the pieces are, what medium they are, and how they are framed and presented. You will be responsible for personally handling everything. Your artwork can not be shipped to the Boys and Girls Club. By committing to organizing your own show, you will be responsible for creating, and bringing all of the artwork with you, as well as installing the work and running your gallery and sales that evening. The Artist Lodge is not responsible for shipping or collecting your artwork for you.
- All artwork must be high quality, and family-friendly (no nudity or graphic imagery).

- All applicants must have final approval through The Artist Lodge. This regulation is in place because there may be some artists or creators that we refuse to work with because they violated contracts, were caught in copyright issues, etc. We reserve the right to deny acceptance to any creator for any previously stated or unstated reason we see fit.
- We expect you to act professional, and to create high-quality, family-friendly artwork.

- Along with the gallery walls, featured artists will have a designated 6x12' booth area that they can set up however they'd like. You will be provided with two 6' tables. Any other tables, shelves, linens, etc will be your responsibility to provide.
- The Artist Lodge will not take a commission of any of your sales. You will be responsible for handling all of your sales at your table, and you must bring your own change to process cash payments. It is recommended that you also accept credit card payments.
- Typically attendees at these events are not willing to spend more than $100 on an original piece of traditional art, and even less for an original digital piece. We recommend you put a price cap on your gallery pieces to help encourage sales, but you are not required to have a price cap or to sell your gallery pieces.

- You may set up the day of the show only. You will be allowed to start setting up at 12pm the day of the show. You are not allowed to start setting up before 12pm.
- Marissa Suto, The Artist Lodge Coordinator and Curator, will also be at the Boys and Girls Club to set up the group gallery and the art vendors. You are welcome to ask her any questions that you may have, but please note that she may not be able to assist you in the load-in/installation process.
- Please note that the side-door that is used for load in has a 6" lip, and you will have to lift any carts to get them into the vendor room. If you do not wish to use the side door, the front door has a ramp that can accommodate rolling carts.
- Featured Artists will need to be completely loaded in and set up by 4:45pm. After 4:45pm rolling carts will not be allowed on the show floor.
- If you arrive after 4pm, you will not be allowed to set up and you will not receive a refund of your entry fee.

- The Gallery walls are full, 4x8’ sheets of unfinished plywood. Three walls (back and front) are available for your use.
- The walls are set up in an “H” (see photo below). This gives you four full walls to fill as well as the backs of the two vertical boards.
- Any walls that are altered in a way that can’t be fixed (I.e. completely painted and can’t be sanded away, you fill the wall with an extraneous amount of holes from nails or screws, etc.) you will be asked to replace that wall. We are aware that the walls have pre-existing nail holes in them, and you will not be held responsible for those pre-existing holes.
- To help preserve the gallery walls for future use, we ask that you minimally use nails during your gallery installation. Typically we use Velcro Contact strips to hang artwork, and reserve nails and screws for heavier works or works that require that kind of hanging device.

- Unless otherwise approved, you may not break down your booth or the gallery down until 9:30pm. Everything in the gallery needs to be broken down and moved outside or packed in your car by 11pm.

- We require that every Featured Artist provide The Artist Lodge with high quality photos of all the pieces in the show, as well as the corresponding title and medium. We put these images on our website to allow visitors to see past Featured Artists and to encourage them to apply.

The Artist Lodge is not responsible if gallery items are damaged or destroyed while in the gallery or in the possession of the guest curator. The Artist Lodge is not liable if an artwork is stolen, damaged, or if there is a fire, flood, earthquake, or any inclement weather that may cause damage to the artwork.

If the Artist decides to break their contract, communication needs to be in writing via email. Any artists that do not keep up with communication, break their contract, or are MIA the day of the gallery without any prior notice will not receive a refund of their entry fee and may not be considered for any future Artist Lodge event.

In the event that you are chosen to be a featured artist, this application will become your contract.

The Artist does hereby agree to the terms set forth above by submitting this form.
This contract shall be governed by the laws of the State of California in Orange County and any applicable Federal Law.

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Do you agree to pay the non-refundable $75 fee to reserve a spot for your show? *
Do you understand the load-in and load-out procedures? *
Do you understand all of the regulations about the wooden gallery walls? Do you understand that you will be required to replace any damaged walls? *
Do you understand that you are responsible for all of your gallery and booth sales the night of the event, and that you must supply your own change and card readers? *
If you are chosen, do you agree to work in an efficient and professional matter? *
Do you understand that The Artist Lodge requires artists to provide photos of their work for use on their website and for promoting the exhibition. *
Do you understand that you must keep up communication with The Artist Lodge, and that if you break your contract or are MIA the day of the show without any prior notice, you may not be considered for any future Artist Lodge events? *
Do you understand that if you are chosen as a Featured Artist, this application becomes your contract? *
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