Visual Art Application - KnockanStockan 2019
Here at KnockanStockan we love all things creative and are calling for people to bring their wild and wonderful ideas to the fields of KnockanStockan.
If you have an out of this world, big or small magical idea, that you think would be perfect for the KnockanStockan setting for punters and performers to interact with and enjoy please send us your ideas.

But, before you complete the form please consider all possible scenarios, making sure you have your idea well thought through and researched. How will people interact with your piece? How will it transform from day to night? What materials will you decide to use & what impact will they have on our environment? The weather. Health & Safety. Crew. Install and take down and of course budget.

In order to get a clear visual of your idea please include any sketches and imagery that may help with making our decision.

Best of luck and if you have any questions please email

Deadline for submissions is Friday April 5th

If you are a performance artist such as a poet, acrobat, dancer or walkabout act, we now have a separate form for you to complete. Please go to Performance Art page on our website here:

Name of Installation *
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Name of Collective
If you are part of a bigger group or collective with a name please let us know.
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Type of Project *
The Idea *
Describe what it is you hope to bring to KnockanStockan and why.
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Build *
Please give a detailed break down of how you plan to install your art piece
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Budget to complete Install *
Please give a detailed project budget here. We need to see what costs are involved to help us make our decision so bare in mind to stay within reason. Once your budget is submitted it can't be changed.
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Name *
Name of lead project manager.
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Website and Links
If you have a website, video or photo links to elaborate on your project more please provide us with a link here.
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Social Media
If you have an online presence for your project please provide relevant links here.
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Number of Crew required *
Please explain the role of each member.
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Requirements *
Please let us know what you will need from us. This could be riggers, scaffold, lighting, power, staging, space etc.
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Dimensions *
Height, Width, Length?
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Setup Time *
How long will it take you to set this up at the festival?
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Take Down *
How do you plan to take you piece down and remove it from site leaving no trace?
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Other Notes
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