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Sign this form for tours of Village Home Beaverton (5150 SW Watson Ave) and Portland (1800 SE Water Ave, across from OMSI).

Salem Campus tours please call (503) 400-7854.

Village Home offers exceptional education driven by learners, inspired by teachers, supported by the community.

Our engaging classes are non-credit, and learners here are not graded and tested. Inspiring, professional instructors teach fun, mixed-age classes in Science, Math, Art,Technology, Language Arts, History and more. Village Home learning fosters interpersonal connection, creative-thinking, and problem-solving skills. VH learners attend top universities and have won numerous competitions.

Some kids take a couple of classes, and some get most of their education in Village Home classes -- it's up to you! The kids are self-directed learners who actively participate in their educational plans with their families (most of our students are homeschoolers). Because we have a structure based on trust that maximizes student autonomy, students must be able to manage their own learning constructively in the classroom.

Village Home classrooms accommodate a wide range of academic ability, but we are not a program designed for learners with academic, emotional, or behavioral challenges that preclude them from managing their own learning constructively in the classroom.

Village Home, founded in 2002, is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit learning community based in Beaverton, Oregon.

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