2020 WEventure Leader Application
Interested in welcoming the next generation of Wellness Environment students?! Apply to become a WEventure leader (WVL)! WEventure leaders will help new first year WE students navigate the Wellness Environment and being a student at the University of Vermont in a fun and engaging atmosphere.

WVLs must be available Saturday, August 22nd - Friday, August 28th. This time frame includes move-in and training prior to the start of WEventure. All food, transportation, and other accommodations will be covered for the duration of WEventure.

Application deadline has been extended indefinitely in light of the COVID disruption. Please apply and we will make decisions on a rolling basis.
First Name *
Last Name *
UVM email address *
In Fall 2020, I am going to be a __________ *
I have attended WEventure before *
I have volunteered with WEventure in the past *
Why do you want to be a WEventure leader? *
What skills do you have that would help you be an effective WEventure leader? *
Do you have experience leading groups? Please describe. *
What WE programs have you gone to this semester? *
i.e. Weekly Yoga, WE Chopped, WE Has Talent, Fitness Center, etc.
What is your favorite part of the Wellness Environment? *
Can you begin training on August 23rd at 8 AM? *
For those moving back into the Residence Halls, you can move in the evening of Saturday, August 22nd.
What is your t-shirt size? *
Please share any additional information you would like us to consider.
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