Ordering HACKberry kits
Genta Kondo, former CEO of exiii Inc., now sells components of HACKberry as a sole proprietor.
In order to order, please fill in the questions. Then Genta will send back with details on payment and shipping.

* HACKberry is still in development. This kits are not intended to be used in daily life as prosthetic hand. Durability and quality for such usage is not assured.
* Please refer to the following URL for information on how to build and play with HACKberry: https://goo.gl/vBUEVK (only in Japanese at the moment)
* Genta will treat personal information with care and will not use collected data for purposes unrelated to HACKberry project.
Email *
* Shipping fee and customs are not included.
* Battery(DMW-BLF19E) is not included due to transportation regulations. Please purchase one by yourself in your local area.
Circuit board(Arduino Compatible) 9,000 JPY
Electrical/Mechanical Parts 11,000JPY
3D-printed parts (Nylon) 36,000 JPY
Assembled Model 160,000JPY
Purpose of your order *
Please select the number of units you want to order. *
Shipping fee is not included. If you want to order more than 4 units, please comment in the "question" section in the end.
Circuit board 9,000 JPY
Electrical/Mechanical Parts 11,000JPY
3D-printed parts (Nylon)<Right> 36,000JPY
3D-printed parts (Nylon)<Left> ¥36,000JPY
Assembled Model<Right> 160,000JPY
Assembled Model<Left> 160,000JPY
We will send confirmation mail after your submission with the amount of payment including shipping fee. Please pay the amount via PayPal. We will ship your ordered products after we confirm your payment.
Shipping Information
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Please fill in if you have any question.
Thank you for ordering!
We will send back as soon as possible.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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