Welcome! August 16, 2022 Oakland YAE Climate Training — Registration — Students

Dear Friends,

Very Important: Please read this page for details, along with the follow-up email you will be receiving shortly before the training and any other emails we may send. Students in our trainings include adults as well as youth. We’re never too old to learn from others.  ☘️To participate, students must stay for the full training.☘️

*** Please complete and submit this form as soon as possible. Registering early helps us to plan and ensure we have the proper amount of materials and food. Note: The video and photo release below must be signed if you want to be part of this training.

This training is hosted by The Community School for Creative Education and is for youth and adults of all backgrounds. Masks are required for the entirety of the training, except when we share a meal, when we will social distance accordingly. The only other times where we may optionally take off masks will be during the final photos (which take less than 5 minutes) and the morning presenters may take off their mask during their presentation if we are able to sufficiently distance them from everyone else. Everyone leading the training is fully up-to-date on vaccines, including boosters.

For 4-12th grade students, we must receive parent permission prior to participation in the training. Parents are encouraged to join the training as students themselves; if you are unable to, please attend the final presentation if possible.

YAE trainings are FREE to participants. We greatly appreciate it when participants feel able to give a tax-deductible donation to cover some of the basic costs and even to help sustain our program with a small regular donation, both of which can be done here:​​ https://bit.ly/CCR-SupportYAEnow. If you are part of an organization that might be interested in making a financial contribution toward this work (for example, becoming a sponsor of this or a future training), please contact Pam at vergun@alumni.stanford.edu or 503-332-7633.

At this climate leadership training, participants learn from peers about climate change science and impacts through engaging in a presentation and discussions. Students also work on their ability to speak with knowledge and authority about global warming, and practice presenting in front of other students and community members. We will also be using a simple game to learn about climate justice and engage in a short arts-based activity, as the arts are another way to "speak out". The training centers on developing students' knowledge and ability to present this information to others—encouraging themselves and others to act to address the climate crisis. 

This YAE Climate Training will be led by Callie Greene, Isaac Vergun, Travis Lipman, Rikin Mainali, and other amazing YAE climate leaders. Students who have already done YAE's training and want to apply to help lead this one, please contact Pam right away.

Here are details regarding the training:

Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Time: 8:30am - 3:15pm (or until we are finished)

*Please arrive by 15 minutes before the official start time.*

Outline of the Day for Students:

8:15am - Registration/Sign-in and Get Acquainted - Please be on time.

8:30 - CSCE Morning Circle

8:45am - YAE Climate Training Begins!

1:15pm - Parents and guests arrive for the student presentations

1:30pm – Student presentations and Graduation!


The Community School for Creative Education

2111 International Blvd

Oakland, CA 94606

Other Details:

Breakfast and lunch for students of all ages and volunteers will be provided.

Important: 😊 As detailed below in the photo and video release section, we will be taking photos and videos periodically during the training to inspire others. Your acceptance of this release is required for registration. If you would like to talk to someone about this, please contact Pam at vergun @alumni.stanford.edu at least 3 days before the training. Please know that we do not add the names of participants in conjunction with these images unless the participants (and parents for younger ones) involved have decided they would like their names used as part of their climate work. 

We would love for all adults to register as students. If you would also like to volunteer, or you are already a YAE Leader and want to help lead this training, please register at: http://bit.ly/CCRAug12-2022-Reg-Volunteers.

Thanks to our volunteers and YAE climate leaders for making this event possible! For more information, please visit www.ClimateChangeRecovery.org!

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Allergies / Special Health Considerations (Including Dietary Restrictions). If you are registering a child who has a potential life-threatening allergy, we ask that you join us for the training as a volunteer.
Special needs/Behavioral issues

We make every effort to engage the students fully throughout the climate training. If you are registering a student who has special needs that would interfere with their and other students’ participation (e.g., severe ADHD), we require that one parent/guardian volunteer for the training (with the option to themselves do the training as a student as well), to supervise and support the student's participation to ensure the best experience possible for them and other students. We reserve the right to have a student leave the training if their participation with other students is not working.

Please select whichever categories best fit.
Thoughts about How to Help *
Please tell us how you as a youth-climate-leader-to-be would like to help make a difference for our Earth. (Parents, you can fill this out for your students, but if possible, ask them to complete this question with you. We appreciate your help in joining us in supporting student leaders in presenting the climate slideshow and doing other advocacy.) Of the endless ways our families make a difference, here is a short list of actions our student leaders have taken. Check all that you are interested in.
For the student to answer: Why do you want to come to a Youth Climate Training to learn about Climate Change?
(This question is not required, but strongly encouraged. :-)) For younger students, parents please discuss why they would want to come, and then ask them to write a two-sentence essay answer. (More is okay, but two-sentences should be completely sufficient.)
T-shirt Size (not yet sure we will be giving t-shirts, but please answer in case—these sizes range from older elementary school to full grown adult sizes) *
Student's Email (optional but appreciated)
After the training, we would like to stay in touch with climate training participants and, for younger ones, families. This would be to share upcoming speaking opportunities and other climate justice events. We will be asking for the parent's email for younger students also in a moment.
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