"How to ensure we do not fall back to our COMFORT ZONE" - Lusi Group League of Angels (2 of 4) 28 June 2019, Friday, 730pm
"When we are not growing, we are DYING!"
~ Lusi Lim, CEO & Chief Coach, Lusi Group

Even though we all agree "comfort zone" is bad and deters growth, however old habits and old ways sometimes are not easy to be completely turned around permanently. And you might also feel that your motivation to achieve higher goals may not be always consistently that strong. Hence chances are we might fall back to our "comfort zone" from time to time.

Register for your seat in this LOA seminar to learn how to not fall back to our "comfort zone".

**LOA event is a privilege ONLY for Lusi Group students who have either graduated from IBCT or SAPT courses.
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