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We service paragliding equipment purchased directly from Fly2Base.

The complimentary Line Trim Tuning Service is available for scheduling within the initial three months following the acquisition of your new paraglider. Regrettably, we are unable to accommodate this free service beyond this designated timeframe. The primary objective of this service is to assess and, if required, readjust the line trim of your paraglider within the initial 10-20 flight hours, restoring it to the factory trim specifications.

Lime Trim Tuning service is for a paraglider that has done between 10-20 hours. Purpose is to reset the line length back to factory setting within the first 20 hours of flying.

If the paraglider is more than 18 months old Full Service should be selected. It is not compulsory in Australia but every paragliding manufacturer requests that the paraglider shall be serviced (Full Service) every 2 years or 150-200 hours whichever comes first.
BOOKING DATE CONFIRMATION is based on the DATE that we have received your PAYMENT. We are generally booked for 3 months in advance.
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We will email you payment instructions when we receive your booking.

$25 Return Postage Reserve
$30 Reserve Harness Fitting
$50 Return Postage Harness
$40 Return Postage Paraglider
If you prefer us to install your repacked reserve into your harness we are more than happy to do it for you. Extra $40 will cover the reserve removal and installation after repack. We will also clean and vacuum the reserve compartment of your harness.
Let us know the Manufacturer, Model and Size of your glider so we can build the trimming table before we receive your glider. For some gliders we need to know serial number to access a service file for that glider. It saves us time knowing the serial  number in advance, thank you for filling it in.
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If there is anything else we need to know that might be relevant to servicing your paragliding equipment  let us know in the NOTE section below.
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Frequently Asked Questions
When is the best time to book Line Trim Tuning Service?
A: Best time to book this service is when you have received your new glider. With lead time of few moths your glider will be ready for the service when your booked date is up. Modern gliders are ready to be trimmer as soon as 10-20 hours. 40 hours good air time to aim for for the first line trim tuning service, lines are well settled by that time.

When is the best time to book Full Service?
A: You are required by manufacturer to have your paraglider fully serviced every 2 years. Book the Full Service 18 months after your first line trim tuning service was done.

How often should I repack my reserve parachute?
A: It is SAFA's requirement that you have to reserve parachute repacked every 6 months. Most manufacturers recommend to have your reserve repack every 12 months. Most pilots word wide that repack regularly repack their reserves every 12 months. We feel that 12 months is sufficient but repack regularly every year.

My reserve parachute got little bit wet, do I need to repack it?
A: Yes take your reserve parachute out of your harness, remove any sand or  debris, let it dry in the shaded area and have it repacked.
p: 0411 329 750
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