2023 Women's Entrepreneur Summit Scholarship Application
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We're thrilled that you've taken the step to apply for the C2 Your Health Women's Initiative (#C2YHWI) Women's Entrepreneur Summit Scholarship program. The energy and enthusiasm of our fellow women entrepreneurs in the community have paved the way for something incredible – a chance for a limited number of young high school girls, college women, and those from low-income families to experience the Summit without any financial burden. Your application will find its way to our caring community advisory board, where it will be given the attention, it truly deserves. And guess what? The next exciting chapter involves us reaching out to you with the news of your selection. So, let your aspirations soar and keep an eye on your inbox! Discover more at http://www.C2YHWI.org and get ready for an empowering journey ahead!  🚀🌟.

ABOUT THE SUMMIT: The Women's Entrepreneur Summit (WES) is an incredible conference where all you aspiring, new, and seasoned women entrepreneurs come together to soak up some serious inspiration, kick-butt education, and oh-so-empowering advice. Picture this: business leaders, community gems, superstar entrepreneurs, and even the investor legends, all joining forces to supercharge women in the worlds of entrepreneurship, leadership, and forging fabulous relationships. Sounds like a game-changer, right? Get ready to level up at the WES! 🚀🌟.

EVENT DATE, LOCATION AND TIME: The Summit is being held in conjunction with International Women's Entrepreneurship Day celebration
Thursday, November 16th, 2023
Rio Park Events, South Bend, IN 

8 am - 10 am Business Before Hours networking & breakfast
10 am - 4:30 pm EST Conference includes lunch
4:30 pm - 6:30 pm Celebration and Party

AWARD AGREEMENT: If you are selected to receive this scholarship you agree to:
✔️attend a pre conference gathering to learn how to get the most of out the conference, networking skills
✔️attend a post conference gathering to review resources, set business goals
✔️attend quarterly updates, mentoring, business strategic planning, mastermind gatherings
✔️provide written testimonials, agree to a video interview if you are selected

This scholarship pays the conference, for plus pre - post conference gatherings.

To learn more about the Summit go to http://www.WomensEntrepreneurSummit.org  #WomenPreneurCollective
If you have further questions email us CindyCohenRN@yahoo.com 

To qualify we would like you to answer a few questions about you and explain why you would like to attend the Summit. Your answers are confidential.  The Women's Entrepreneur Summit Steering Committee and Advisory Board will award the scholarships.

We are taking applications until Nov. Friday, Nov. 8th

This scholarship is for women who would not be able to attend or will create a hardship. If this is not you, you can secure your spot at the conference  http://www.womensentrepreneursummit.org 

With appreciation,
Cindy Cohen RN, BS BA, Founder / President C2 Your Health Women's Initiative, Inc.

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Scholarships available for those who otherwise would not be able to attend.  Your application will be reviewed by WES Steering Committee and you will be notified. 
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