Reviewers: 2019 Innovations in Teaching & Learning (ITL)
Thank you for your interest in volunteering to review session proposals for this year's Innovations in Teaching & Learning conference. We currently are seeking faculty, staff, or graduate students to help in this endeavor to select the best possible conference program.

What does reviewing entail? Proposals this year consist of a 250-word abstract and, depending on the type of session, an additional 1-3 paragraphs that provide contextual information (~1 page of information). You will have a scoring rubric to evaluate the proposals (for audience, topic, theme connection, Mason-focus, and context) with room for comments/suggestions and assign an overall score. Proposal reviews will be submitted through a Google Form. Typically, we ask people to review 6-10 proposals, and it takes about 1-2 hours to complete. The more volunteers we have, the less proposals we will ask you to review–so please help spread the word. You will be asked to review no more than 10 proposals.

Thank you for volunteering. We will follow up with you mid-to-late March with your proposal assignments and more details. We will need the reviews submitted by late March to early April.

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