John W. McKinley, P.C.
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Do you have any children
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If yes, Please list full name and age of chldren
Do you have any children from a previous marriage or relationship, if yes, list name and age of children
Do you have any step children; if yes, list the children
If you have minor children, who would you prefer as a Guardian for their property should something happen to you and your spouse.
Who would you like to be the executor of your Will (Usually Spouse if married)
Who would you like to be the alternate executor of your will if fist choice unable to do so
Would you like to be buried or cremated
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Do you own any real estate, if so, list all address(es), market value, how much you still owe, and if there are any joint owners of that property
Do you own any checking accounts, if so, what is the average balance and is that account individually owned or jointly with another person
Do you own any other financial accounts, i.e. certificates of deposit, money market, investments, retirement, 401(k), pension, etc...
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If yes, list all accounts, if it is individually or jointly owned, average balance, and list the beneficiary of account if any
Do you have any life insurance, if so, what type, amount, beneficiary, and is this private insurance or through your employer
Are there any other assets or personal property not previously listed, i.e. automobiles, collections, jewelry, etc...
Other than real estate, is there any substantial debt, if so, list
What do you estimate the total value of your estate to be
Who would you like to make health care decisions for you in a health care directive or proxy (Usually Spouse or close family member)
Have you made any plans for your funeral/burial/cremation, if so, what are the plans and have they already been paid for
Besides spouse or children, is there any other person you would like to inherit from you and what do you want them to inherit
How would you like your property to be distributed upon your death
Are there any questions or comments you would like the Attorney to answer or address
Do you have Legal Insurance such as MetLife or other legal insurance provider; if so, list member number and case number(s)
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