Idea Submissions: 2021 "Tails & Tales" (animals)
CSLP encourages the collaboration of innovative and age appropriate ideas, resources, and programs through the production of programming manuals. The manuals include program ideas, booklists, decorations and activities for four age groups, from babies to adults. Since public librarians are our customers for the manual, we want your ideas! You know what will work best in your libraries. Use the form below to submit your idea and any related materials (pictures, worksheets, etc.).

All submissions will be reviewed by the Manual Idea Development Committee. However, due to the manual's limited number of pages, not all ideas can be put in print.
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The 2021 Manual will have six (6) thematic chapters. Please recommend a chapter that best fits your idea. Note: The final chapter names are still in development.
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Ex.- This program is geared toward the tween age group but can be easily adaptable for teens and adults. This program is best not for younger children due to the tedious cutting that is involved
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If you are submitting a teen program idea please tell us what YALSA Teen Competency this falls under:
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Please include staff time, space considerations, prep work, step-by-step guidelines, and approximate time to run program.
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Can this program be adapted for other ages and/or abilities? If so, please provide one or two examples for how the program can be adapted:
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If applicable, please recommend any community partners librarians might reach out to in order to make the program even more successful:
Ex.- Schools, Farmer's Markets, Senior Centers
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