2019 Sail Camp Application Form
Welcome to the SSC/RYC/SCYC Junior Sail Camp. Please complete a separate application for EACH junior sailor.

Members and non-members may complete the registration form starting on April 1st. Non-members will be put on a waiting list until May 1st. On May 1st non-members will be assigned any remaining slots in camp.


Before starting the on-line registration process, please have the following available:
- Sail number
- Doctor's name, phone number and area code
- Medical insurance information
- Date of last tetanus shot (if any)
- Emergency contact information (one emergency contact besides the parent/guardian)


Camp fee: $350 per sailor plus 3 shifts of adult volunteering
ETIYA membership for racers: $15 per sailor
If you absolutely cannot volunteer: $250 per sailor
Late fee for applications completed after June 1, 2019: $50 per sailor

Camper information
Sailor's First Name *
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Sailor's Last Name *
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Sailor's Gender *
Sailors Birthdate *
Sailors must have been between the ages of 8 and 14 on January 31, 2019. Sailors that turned 15 prior to January 31st are invited to apply as Junior Instructors.
T-shirt size your junior sailor likes to wear *
List anyone your camper would like to share a tent with.
This is a request and will be honored at the discretion of the camp counselors with the final decision being made during camp check in. Each camper should bring their own tent and under no circumstance will boys and girls share the same tent - not even siblings.
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Boat being used for Sail Camp *
Note: Optis can only be used for Novice and Beginners. All other classes must sail El Toros
Sail Number *
If you don't know your sail number write TBD in the box
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Is this sailor a member or junior member in good standing of one of the sponsoring clubs? *
Members/junior members of the sponsoring clubs receive priority registration
Choose the level that is appropriate for your sailor.

Novice - New to sailing
Beginner - Can rig and sail their boat with limited instruction
Intermediate B - Proficient at rigging and sailing, ready to start racing
Intermediate A - Proficient sailor with some race experience
Advanced - Proficient racer, ready to learn advanced sail and boat handling

Note: The instructors have the final say as to which class a sailor will attend. Adjustments depending on the sailor's ability may be made based on sailing ability relative to other sailors at camp.

Requested Class *
There are a limited number of Optis and El Toros (optis can only be used in novice and beginner classes) available for rent through the Stockton Sailing Club for $150 plus a $150 deposit. If you want to rent a boat, please answer the boat rental question on this form and further instructions will be provided via email.
Would you like to rent a boat from the Stockton Sailing Club for camp? *
A limited number of El Toro and Optis will be available for rent from the Stockton Sailing club for $150 plus a $150 deposit. Enter "No" if you are renting a boat elsewhere.
All intermediate and advance sailors will race in the ETIYRA Junior Regional Regatta on Friday. Beginners will have the option of racing. All racers will be charged $15 and enrolled as ETIYRA junior members.
Fleet in which you will be racing *
Only Novice and Beginner sailors may check not racing
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