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Are you having trouble coping during such unprecedented times? Are you looking to build your emotional intelligence and personal resilience? Do you feel isolated and need a supportive community? Do you see collapse on the horizon? Are you grappling with how to move forward in such painful and chaotic times? Do you want to discover new ways to reinvest your time and energy into meaningful efforts?

You don't have to go through this alone. This group is for you.

Join our next digital round of the Good Grief Network's "10-Step to Personal Resilience & Empowerment in a Chaotic Climate" program.

What is this program about?
It's a peer-to-peer support group. It's not a therapy program. This 10-week program is process-based, meaning the weekly meetings are the initial introduction. The real work happens when you unplug and integrate these lessons into your life. While in the meetings, we come together and share our experiences, wisdom, and passions with each other. We move through our emotions, open to new ways of thinking and seeing the predicament, and hopefully open to creative responses that are available to us. We create a brave, bold, and nuanced container to practice being vulnerable and calming our nervous system. We provide tools and an encouraging community that helps teach us how to sit with unpleasant feelings and metabolize them into meaningful action. These tools are necessary for anyone looking to sustain themselves for the long haul.

By appealing to our brains with research and resources, we open the door for more heart-centered work. We provide a gateway to practice opening and trusting our hearts, to transcend fear and re-establish connections. This creates a foundation of resilience and strength to show up outwardly as change-makers.

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