Classroom Management Plan: Math Analysis II 2018-2019
Math Supervisor: Mr. Castiglia (
Instructors: Mr. Mellina ( & Ms. Lombardi (
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Course Description
Math Analysis II Honors is the second of a two-year Math Analysis Sequence recommended for those students who will continue on to Calculus. Major topics include polar coordinates, vectors, determinants, matrices, combinatorics, probability, statistics, sequences, and limits.
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Topics Covered
The following chapters and topics will be covered throughout the year:
• Matrices
• Combinatorics
• Statistics
• Probability
• Curve Fitting & Modelling
• Trigonometric Addition Formulas
• Polar coordinates and Complex Numbers
• Vectors and Determinants
• Sequences and Series
• Evaluating Limits Numerically, Graphically, and Algebraically
• Graphing Rational functions
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Paperless Workflow
MA2 is a completely paperless course except for assessments. Students are encouraged to bring in their own tablet devices if they have one. If a student does not have their own device, he/she is welcome to use a school iPad provided. Students are allowed to "Opt Out" of the paperless workflow, but will then be responsible to print the notes themselves outside of school.
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Required Materials
Students should come to class prepared every day with the following:
• 1-subject Notebook for Homework (preferably a graph paper notebook).
• iPad Stylus - Suggested Brands Below
o MEKO (2nd Generation) [2 in 1 Precision Series] Disc Stylus pen ($14.99 on Amazon)
o Adonit Jot Pro Fine Point Precision Stylus for iPad ($29.99 on
• Pencil for graded assignments.
• Scientific Calculator
• Graphing Calculator (for example TI 83, TI 84, TI 89)

**Calculators will not be lent throughout the year. You need to provide yourself with one of the approved calculator or receive one through the calculator loan program**

I understand the required materials listed above for this course. *
Student Expectations
Students are expected to:
• Respect their classmates, teacher, and themselves.
• Come to class prepared and on time.
• Follow the school’s policies. (See student handbook)
• Follow the Student Honor Code (See student handbook). This means avoiding all forms of academic dishonesty, including copying assignments and cheating on tests.
• Complete homework assignments neatly and on time.
• Work well with others and independently.
• Actively participate in class.
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Useful Resources This class website provides a link to the online textbook, PDF documents of note files, note solutions, homework solutions, review files, and review solutions. This website will be used for any class announcements.
Join codes:
Mellina: 95kmecr
Lombardi: 7rhwoo

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Summative Assessments (Tests, Quizzes, & Projects): 90%
Tests will be given after the completion of each chapter in the textbook, while quizzes will be given periodically throughout the chapter. Generally, tests will be worth 100 points and quizzes will be worth 50 points. Some chapter tests will be over the course of two days. There are NO retakes. Each Marking Period is worth 22.5% of your final grade and the final exam is cumulative of the entire year and counts for 10% of your final grade for the year.

Formative Assessments (Homework Quizzes): 10%
Homework will be assigned in sets of problems on the front of the note packet (Example – Set A: Page 45, #’s 2-20 even). It is expected that students independently complete the Homework Sets and review the solutions provided on or Google Classroom. Any questions or concerns regarding the HW sets should be handled within the first 5 minutes of class. A short homework quiz at the conclusion of the lesson will be given to check for understanding of the previous lesson. The score on this homework quiz will go in as a formative assessment grade from 5 points. It is possible for formative or summative assessments to have questions not covered in class but are included in the homework sets. Homework quizzes can range from 1-5 points.

I have fully read and understand the grade distributions and descriptions for this course listed above. *
Absence & Makeup Policy
A student’s grade may not be lowered due to an excused absence. In addition, a student is allowed one day to make up missed work for each day of an excused absence, beginning with the day the student returns to school. Any work not made up within the allotted time may result in a lowered grade. Any makeup assignments should be scheduled with the teacher in a timely manner in person or via email.
I understand the absence and makeup policy listed above. *
Extra Help
I will be available for extra help throughout the year. Depending on my schedule, students can arrange to meet with me for extra help in the morning, during lunch periods, or after school. Please see me ahead of time to set up a time and place. Some arrangements may require a ride to or from school. There will also be a math club for extra help held during club time after school on Tuesdays/Thursdays with Dr. Ge in room 105. If you or your parent(s) have any questions or concerns throughout the year, feel free to see me outside of class or contact me. E-mail is generally the best line of communication. I am here for your support and expect each and every one of you to succeed in my class! As long as you bring a great attitude with you, I assure you that we will have a very productive year. In treating each other with dignity and respect, our classroom will be a positive learning environment where you can always feel comfortable. I look forward to working with all of you toward a successful year!
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