Wisconsin FFA Shows #UnstoppableService
Please fill out the following questions fully; BUT, each questions requires no more than a few sentences. Responses will be reviewed and will have the chance to be shared on the Wisocnisn FFA State Social Media pages (i.e. Facebook and Instagram). Thank you!!!
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How many hours are you reporting for this event? (Hours are multiplied by number of students. For example, ten students volunteer for two hours = 20 hours) *
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How does this community service event serve your community? In other words, what is the benefit of your work as a chapter? *
How has Covid-19 effected your chapter and how have you been able to adapt and overcome to fit the needs of your community? *
If your community service event is chosen to be shared on Wisconsin FFA Social Medias, does you chapter/school have a social media handle that would like to be tagged? If so, please state platform and handle below. (Example, Facebook - Wisconsin Association of FFA)
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