The Geographic Calculator 2017 Survey

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Converting one point at a time for testing, research, or line calculation
Converting large table based type point files in the spreadsheet or point database job
Converting batches of point database files
Vector file conversions
Raster transformation
Batches of files
SEG or Seismic file conversion
Area calculation work
Land Survey Grid files (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Township Systems)
Time Dependent coordinate transformations
Geoid or vertical datum work
Complex coordinate conversion like local datum to local datum or concatenated transformations
Administrative tools for managing other users in your organization when they conduct coordinate transformation work
Geographic “Area of Use” polygons
EPSG registry access
Custom geodetic definition creation
Coordinate transformation for Global Mapper
Custom Geoid creation (in conjunction with Global Mapper)
The Esri desktop toolbar
Esri spatial database conversion
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Technical Support
Software Help Files
Blue Marble Training
Blue Marble Webinars
Getting Started Guide
Online Knowledgebase
Blue Marble User Conferences
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18. Please provide us any other feedback on the Geographic Calculator, Blue Marble or Geodetic software that you would like to share
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