SFP 狗狗领养申请表 // Dog Adoption Application
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Applicant Name // 申请者姓名 *
Name of the dog that you are applying for? (Note:If the dog below is unavailable for adoption or do not exist at SFP Rescue, this application will be deemed invalid) // 申请领养狗狗名字 (注:如果以下填写的狗狗还未开放领养或不存在本救助中心,本申请表格将被视为无效) *
Full Address // 地址 *
Which city do you reside in? // 现居住城市 *
Postal Code // 邮编 *
How long have you lived at this address? // 你在这个地址住了多久? *
Are you planning to move in the next 6 months? // 您打算在未来 6 个月内搬家吗? *
Phone Number // 手机号码 *
Email // 邮箱 *
WeChat ID // 微信号 *
How did you hear about us? // 你从哪里听说我们的? *
Why do you want to adopt a dog? (You may choose all those that apply) //请问你为什么想要领养一只狗? (可多选) *
Why do you want to adopt THIS dog? // 您为什么要领养这只狗?
Please select your age category // 请选择你的年龄 *
What best describes your living environment? // 请选择你的住宅类别 *
Do you own or rent?// 有自己的住所还是租房? *
How many adults (age 18+) are in your household? // 家里成年人人数(18岁及以上) *
How many youth (age 12-17) are in your household? // 家里青少年人群人数(12-17岁) *
How many children (under 12) are in your household? //家里儿童人数(12岁及以下) *
What is your immigration status? // 加拿大居留身份 *
Are you planning to stay in Canada in the next 15 years? // 你未来15年会准备呆在加拿大吗? *
Do you currently have pet(s)? // 你现在有宠物吗? *
If you do have existing pet(s) in your household, are they all spayed / neutered? // 如果有,他们有没有绝育? *
If they are not neutered / spayed, what is the reason? // 如果家里有动物没有绝育,原因是什么?
If you do have existing pet(s) in your household, how many pet(s) do you have? // 如果有,家里现在总共有几只宠物? *
If you do have existing pet(s) in your household, check all that applies // 如果有,请勾选以下可以正确描述现有宠物的选项 *
Have you had a dog in the past? // 你以前有过宠物吗? *
Please list the breed of your previous dog // 请填写您曾经宠物狗的品种
Please list the reason why your previous dog is not with you anymore // 请写出为什么您之前的宠物狗不在您身边的原因
Are you the primary caregiver?// 你是主要照顾宠物的人吗? *
Is anyone in your home allergic to dogs? // 家里有人对狗过敏吗? *
Do you have a fully fenced backyard? // 您是否有一个全封闭的后院? *
What is your knowledge level with dogs? // 您对狗狗的了解程度有多少? *
I do not know anything about dogs
I am experienced with dogs
How many hours will your dog be along without human companionship? // 您的狗将独自在家多久?
Where your dog will staying in when you are not home with him/her? // 当您不在家时,您的狗会住在哪里? *
Where will you keep your dog during the night? // 您晚上会把您的狗放在哪里?
Describe your current daily activity level // 描述一下您当前的日常运动量 *
How many times will you walk your dog in a day?// 您一天遛狗多少次? *
How long of each walk? // 每次遛多长时间? *
Are you a frequent traveler? // 你是否经常出行、旅游? *
How would you take care of your dog if you travel? // 如果你去旅游,你将如何照顾你的狗? *
Are you planning taking your dog to dog training class? // 您打算带您的狗去狗狗训练班吗? *
What are your budget or estimated spending for the dog per month? // 狗一个月的开销的预算? *
Which vet clinic are you planning to take your dog to? (Please list the name and phone number) // 你计划带你的狗狗去哪个兽医院(请列出名字和电话号码) *
Do you understand each vet visit can cost $100+? And are you financially prepared? // 你知道宠物医院的花销常常过百,你在金钱上准备好了吗? *
Do you know dog need annual check up and vaccines? // 你知道狗狗需要每年体检并更新疫苗吗? *
Are you planning to buy insurance for your dog? // 你准备为狗狗买保险吗?
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Do you understand what is separation anxiety? // 你了解分离焦虑症吗? *
If yes, please explain what will you do to help the dog reduce separation anxiety // 如果了解,请写出你会如何缓解分离焦虑
How often should your dog see a veterinarian? // 你应该多久带狗去看一次兽医? *
What do you plan to feed your dog? // 你打算喂狗狗什么? *
If you going to feed your dog raw food, where will you buy the food from? // 你如果打算喂食生骨肉,你将从什么渠道购买?
Can you see yourself being responsible for the dog over the next 15 years? // 你认为自己可以对狗负责15年以上吗? *
Are you willing and able to take care of the financial responsibilities of pet ownership? // 是否愿意承担养狗的所有开销? *
Do you know the recommended vaccinations to be taken for the dog? // 是否了解狗建议接种的疫苗? *
Are you familiar with the dog responsibility and liability laws in your area? // 您是否了解你当地的关于狗的责任及法律? *
Do you understand that all dogs must be spayed/neutered? // 您是否了解所有领养的狗都必须绝育?
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Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself? // 你还有其他想告诉我们的有关你自己的信息吗?
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