ENSL Event/Tournament Poll
Vote for in what you would like to play in next !!!
Whats your ENSL Username (or in case you dont have one Steam-Id) *
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What kind of Event/Tournament do you like to play in the most ? *
I would love that
This is BS
Duo Draft Tournament (signup in Duos or get assigned to a Partner) 1-2 Days long
Open Tournament (Create your own team and sign it up) 1-2 Days long
Skulks With Shotgun Tournament (each Match 10 Minutes) (Draft or team signup possible) 1-2 Days long
Combat Mod Tournament (Draft or team signup possible) 1-2 Days long
Small Season (create/find a team and sign up) Takes 6-8 Weeks
Draft Custom Map Cup (signup and Captains pick Teams) 1-2 Days long
When in January 2021 can you play on a Weekend Event ? *
On each day something around 18 CET to 24 CET
Anything else you want to add/ Mention ??
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