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We are a NYC/NJ/PR-based team of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community interpreters, translators, and language justice workers part of Algarabía Language Cooperative.
We provide (Latin American) Spanish <> (U.S.) English virtual and in-person interpretation. 
Requests will be processed as soon as possible and within 48 hours after submission. Once a team of interpreters has been assigned to cover your event, you will receive a confirmation email. 
Please contact us at to learn more about our services, rates, and policies. 

IMPORTANT: If your event is in-person or hybrid and do not have your own interpretation equipment, we will add equipment rental to your request.
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Any specific requests? For example, this is an intentional space (e.g., Black women only, LGBTQ+ only, BIPOC only, etc.) / We have a preference for a variety of Latin American Spanish based on our speakers or audience (e.g., Dominican, Puerto Rican, Mexican,  etc.) We will do our best to accommodate.
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