American Brain Coalition Sign-On -- Investment in Neuroscience Research and Development: A Statement of Challenge and Opportunity
Recent reports have shown a considerable decrease in industry investment in treatments for ailments of the central nervous system, including but not limited to the brain, over time. As a result, in 2015 the National Academy of Medicine Forum on Neuroscience and Nervous System Disorders, in collaboration with the Forum on Drug Discovery, Development, and Translation, convened a workshop exploring policy changes that might increase private sector investment.

During that meeting, it was suggested that given the broad membership of the ABC and its commitment to improving treatments for all CNS disorders, the coalition would be uniquely positioned to advance policies on Capitol Hill or in the Administration. Thus, as you know, we formed the American Brain Coalition Innovation Initiative (ABCI2) in 2016 and put together a task force of experts from ABC’s membership to develop a strategy.

Since, the ABCI2 Task Force, in coordination with ABC leadership and our legislative consultants, has held dozens of meetings to discuss the barriers limiting industry investment with representatives from across the neuroscience community including patient advocates, researchers, industry, and providers. Today, we ask ABC nonprofit members to join the Coalition in raising awareness of the challenges and opportunities to neuroscience research and development by signing the attached statement.

It is important to note that this is not meant to propose any policy solutions, but rather to provide a public statement that there is broad concern in the nonprofit neuroscience community surrounding the public divestment from neuroscience development at a time where federal government investments are creating opportunities for new treatment. ABC feels that it is important to create an environment that allow scientific discoveries – made possible by the over $7 billion in annual funding for CNS basic research at the National Institutes of Health and efforts like the BRAIN Initiative – to become treatments in the hands of patients and their physicians.

ABC encourages members to join us on this statement of challenge and opportunity. To add your organization, PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW BY FEBRUARY 15TH .

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