Michigan Housing | Request for COVID-19 Vaccination Deferment
Michigan Housing requires proof of the COVID-19 vaccination for all student residents living in the residence halls and Northwood Community Apartments. Students who are not able to get a vaccination in their hometown or country of origin by the July 16 deadline may request a deferment by submitting this form. Requests are subject to approval.

Students granted a deferment will be required to arrive on campus with a negative COVID-19 test within the past 7 days, and begin the vaccination process immediately. Until vaccination is complete, students must abide by all current risk mitigation strategies (e.g., face coverings, distancing, mandatory testing) to remain eligible to remain in Michigan Housing.

Students who do not provide proof of vaccination or do not request a vaccine deferment prior to move in will either not have a contract issued, or may have their contract cancelled and will not be permitted to move in to their fall assignment.
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