Impact Partner Application Questionnaire

Interested in stocking with Here is some additional info about and who we partner with:

(1) Who we buy from and work with: partners with artisan businesses, brands and wholesale suppliers that share our goal of empowering local artisans and the communities they live in through sustainable business, employment and a dual "local/global" impact model.

(2) Our partner requirements:

- The empowerment of artisans through sustainable business & social enterprise
- The empowerment of families and communities through programs such as small business support, education, training, healthcare, capacity building, etc.
- Products are to be produced by the people living in the community that is benefitting from impact programs
- Dignified Employment -- Workers must be receiving fair payment and income for their work
- At or above fair wage prices as determined by local standards
- Work that is fair, safe, and proud (absolutely NO unethical working conditions)
- Absolutely NO child workers
- Impact partners should have relationships and consistent communications with artisan networks and communities producing their branded products

Sound like you? Then we'd love to hear about your collections. Please fill out the following form so that we can get to know a little more about you and your brand -- join our community and let us tell your story alongside ours! Please do not hesitate to email or with any questions.

Thank you!

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Is your brand associated with any other not-for-profit organisations, cooperatives, etc. that assist and/or implement community development programs?
If yes to previous question, how does this organisation, co-op, etc. assist in the implementation of your brand's programs? What are these programs? If no, how does your brand implement community development programs? What are these programs?
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What skills do your artisans develop through these programs (savings, financial literacy, weaving, etc.)?
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Can you describe how artisan manufacturers are paid (market price, fair wage, amount or percentage of sales, etc), and how often?
What is the average wage of each artisan? How does this compare to the average wage received from other jobs in the community?
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Does your brand operate a profit sharing scheme with artisans/producers?
If yes, what percent of the profits generated are returned to the artisan?
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Do you provide the materials/products that are sourced to creators? If not, how do creators receive these materials?
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What is the biggest problem you feel you are helping to address in the community (economic mobility, education, nutrition, etc)?
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Do you have anything else you'd like to tell us?
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